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Why Us?

We are your one-stop personal jeweler, providing online service that guides you to your perfect piece of jewelry. Our “Customize” function helps you find the right design, the right gemstone color combination at the right price. At Make My Gems, we believe that everyone is special!  Each item is made individually, one at a time, just for you. 

Also, the whole process is so “Convenient” that we provide full e-commerce service; from the hands of the jeweler to you, with guaranteed delivery in 15-20 days.

Your satisfaction is the key for our product. We make sure that our product’s “Quality” always exceeds your expectation as we monitor everything closely from the raw material selection to crafting your jewelry to the delivery to your hands.

Most importantly, this exclusive experience is “Risk Free”. We want to be sure that you get the product you wish for. We offer the full money back guaranty within 1 month. Also, we offer resizing in case of any mistakes you made when ordered. We are more than happy to fix a product within a year for free if we found that there is a product has a problem from manufacturing process. 

Start the journey with us to your special destination.


Who doesn’t love something that is carved out of one’s imagination and dreams? Here at, your dream can be a reality. Through customization, you can design your selected piece of jewelry according to your preference and personal needs.All you need to do is choose from more than 200 of our settings. Then, we have beautiful and glamorous gems of all kinds and metals for your unique jewelry. If it is a ring, don’t forget to engrave it, so that you or your special one will be the only person who has this ring. Each item is made individually, one at a time, just for you.

Please keep in mind that as you keep experimenting with different materials and combination of gemstones. You can keep track of the price as well. Playing around to get the best outcome in terms of design and budget is the unique characteristics we designed for Make My Gems.

This is where you get to follow your demand. The product offering is totally up to you. Here we let you be your own designer, since you are the one who know best on your preference, why not design them by yourself. It might have been complicated before, but now with our simplified process, you will find yourself enjoying the moment! We offer you the chance to give a personal touch to the designs of your jewelry in an effortless manner, leading you to the right piece you seek for, at the same time, creating a sense of attachment of you and your jewelry. We make sure that whatever designs you opt for your jewelry; the same design is delivered you. We aim to be the ‘answer’ for first-time buyers of jewelry, fashionistas who know what they want or men looking to propose to his future wife. There’s everything for everyone at Make My Gems where people of all walks come to find what suits their need and interest.

In case you have a design in your mind, don’t afraid to ask us. With our experience, we are sure that we can make your wish come true. We make a mold, even you order for only one piece of jewelry!  


You are just one click away from a fuss-free online shopping experience, 24/7, with free shipping and full refund policy. Today the jewelry market is too complex, someone without knowledge in jewelry would spend a night to understand the basics of jewelry. If you are caught up understanding everything, how can you perfect the one piece you aim for? That’s why we ask this question how can we make the whole process of buying jewelry better, shorter and easier for you? 

We have in our mind when we start to do this.  We ask ourselves how to make jewelry more accessible but take less effort. That concept is the core of our process design. This is the only full 24/7-online jewelry market that is a click away from you, making your shopping experience as effortless as a five-minute shopping process. We deliver the similar visualized 3D images of that customized piece of jewelry to you have picked, so that you can have a better idea of how does the selected piece of jewelry actually look in real life. How convenient right?

The convenience goes to the degree of how we actually make your jewelry. You pick what you want and we will craft it out from your imagination. Each item is made individually, one at a time, just for you. We put a lot of effort and time in making your selected piece of jewelry, monitoring every process closely by our well-trained staff. You can rest assured as we truly want to convey that special meaning to you every time you buy from us.


We carefully hand-select each gemstone and carefully monitor every single step so that we can give you your perfect piece of jewelry, that will be loved for a lifetime, at your perfect price.

The selected gems are extremely high quality. We make sure for our customers to get the highest quality at the lowest price possible. Our gems are truly natural. It’s no surprise if you find some little inclusion as it’s the mark of real natural gems and the norm which reflect the beauty of Mother Nature. But don’t worry, we are committed to giving you the greatest deal. We consider even the tiniest details of the gems, trying to get the exact shade of color and the most eye-clean ones.

We only seek for artisans with the highest and the neatest skills. Our supplier is highly rated with the great craftsmanship in gold design and gemstones jewelry. We heedfully monitor every process by ourselves, in order to make sure nothing goes wrong and you can receive high quality jewelry piece.

Risk Free

Our goal is to make a product you truly wish for. If in any case, our product is not what you expected, we are happy to give you full money back guaranty within 1 month of shipping date.

We understand that measuring ring size at home is not easy, and sometime, the size you give to us may not exactly fit. Don’t worry! Resizing is also covered in our service. You could send us directly or resize the ring for free our contacted jewelry shops in leading department stores.

We want to ensure you that our product is in a top quality in terms of gems, material and production process. If there is an error in manufacturing process within 1 year, we could fix it for free.

Your experience in shopping jewelry will never be the same as before. Are you ready to get the highest-quality jewelry in the given price that is dedicatedly for you?

We want to leave you a remarkable experience. We promise you will never feel down with our products, every piece is made with our strong intention to make you pleasurable. We perfect the process and we start over until everything is truly easy for you. We simplify the whole back end in order to offer you this effortless solution for your jewelry shopping experience from now on. Until then, we will never stop and we will keep on improving. That is our goal.