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Terms & Usage

Our brand ensures that you get your product delivered and pay us with the safest and most secure ways on the internet. But still, every kind of business needs to be following some laws and conditions. 

It is our job to guarantee privacy of your information and identity that you provide us with.  We expect you to follow the guidelines and use this website for the intended purpose and not for any other reason. 

We provide our customers with the utmost level of customer care and in return we expect the understanding and loyalty of you. 

The availability and pricing of products are two factors which cannot be compromised upon therefore some rules cannot be bent.

Please keep into notice that due to certain reasons an order cannot be processed. The site has the right to cancel or delay any order.

Please provide us with your correct and detailed information to refrain from any misunderstanding.

Read the entire terms and condition on our website and get accustomed to the company’s policies so the purchasing experience is transparent for both parties. The terms and conditions lay out the basic rules of the transaction made between the customer and the provider in the light of proper rules and regulations.



Use of this Site

You must be at least 18 years old for accessing this website under the supervision of your parents. We grant a revocable and non-transferable license to you to use this site only under the terms and conditions described, only for the purpose of purchasing personal items sold on this site. Use on behalf of third party behalf or commercial use is forbidden.

All the content provided on our Site is only for purpose of providing information. The pictures of the jewelry are put at the closest proximity to the real thing, trying to convey all the quality and details. However, in order to get the clearest and most precise color from our website, users may require the use of a Mac computer and turn the brightness to maximum.

You are granted with a non-transferable and revocable permission by the site to use and browse the website in the reflection of the terms and conditions described in this section with the sole target of buying personal items for personal usage that are being sold on this site. Unless explicitly permitted by the site and the company prior to making the purchase, using the website on the behalf of third party or for commercial usage is strictly prohibited and discouraged. A single breach to any of the mentioned terms and conditions shall result in abrupt termination of the permission cum license provided by the site without any notification to the person found guilty. 

There are certain services and features in the site where your registration in necessary. These features are only made available to you upon becoming a registered member of the site. If you have decided to avail yourself of becoming a member of the site, the duty to provide us with the correct and current information and data about yourself falls on you. You are responsible to update your bio in case it requires any changes. The password and login IDs and all other identifiers are the responsibilities of the users of the site to protect and keep private. The burden of all the activities undergone under the password or account also falls directly upon the users. In case you feel that your password is being used illegally without your knowledge, you are supposed to inform us timely. The company shall not be held responsible for any kind of loss or damage that occurred because you failed to comply with this session. All consequences of actions taking place in one’s account shall be faced by the person in question himself. 

While undergoing the process of registration you accept to get emails about promotional events and activities from the site. You can opt out of the mailing list any time by clicking the unsubscribe button provided at the end of every promotional email. 


The terms and conditions outlined in this section shall be governed after being interpreted as per the laws of Bangkok, Thailand.  Both parties hereby agree to comply with the jurisdiction made by the Thailand court and also waive the objects that are related or are based upon the venue 

User Submissions

Anything submitted by you to the site including reviews, suggestions and comments will become our property and shall not be returned to you. You shall not use any false email address or shall not pretend as someone else. We shall not edit or remove any submissions.

Order Acceptance and Pricing

There are some cases when orders are not processed due to various reasons. The site reserves all rights to cancel or refuse any order at any time for any reason. We may ask you to provide additional verifications including address and phone number before order acceptance.

We provide the most accurate pricing information however some errors may occur. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any order.  If any item is mispriced, we have the right to contact you or to cancel your order. We will notify you in case of order cancellation. 

Trademarks and copyrights

The entire content of the Site, including photos, video, music, graphics, text, sound and their arrangement and selection, are protected by copyright as a collective work. All rights are reserved.


The site reserves all rights of pursuing the protection of the intellectual property rights and confidential information through the courts. 


In addition to legal remedies, without prior notice to you, we can immediately terminate the Terms and Conditions. After cancellation of terms and conditions, we may cease use of the site. The site is not liable to you or any other person upon termination of the Terms and Conditions. If you are dissatisfied with these Terms and Conditions, then the only remedy is to discontinue using this Site. 

By accessing and exploring this site, you agree and confirm that you have understood well the Terms and Condition of this site and the intentions that were behind the implications of these rules. In case you have a disagreement or do not see eye to eye with any of the clauses mentioned, you shall not access and use this site. The rights to modify, change, add, remove or upgrade a part or an entire clause resides with the sit and there can be a change at any time with the wishes of the site. The changes will be in effect without any other kind of notifications other than being posted on the site therefore it is strongly recommended for all users to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions of the site before accessing or making any kind of transaction. If you continue to use and access the site after the alternations, it will be assumed that you have knowledge of the changes made and are totally in compliance with them. Reviews & Customer stories

Make My Gems is a company where you come first. We provide you with our best services and a chance to share your stories with us. The website provides you with a platform to tell the world about your experience and the products you got from us. 

Many of our customers have been very kind enough to send in their reviews and have shared just how amazing experience it was with us. 

One of our customers wrote that all of their expectations were met and we provided with the best customer services from day one. The personal note included from the company made them feel special. 

Another customer shared their purchase experience and said that the customer friendly communication made her feel as if she made a new friend! She said that getting step-to-step news of her product was very comforting and was nothing short of an educational yet fun experience!

Other customers have also shared their stories and experiences testifying the reliability and professionalism of our company and the quality of our product. 

We would like to thank all our customers who took time out of their schedules to write us these testimonials. We really appreciate them!