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Do you have any storefront? Can I visit you to see the products?

We are from the manufacturing so we don’t have any storefront. However we do have our office in Silom at ITF tower, 27th floor. We can arrange appointment if needed, so that you can visit us and see our sample models and gemstones. We also frequently go out on “Pop up store” around the heart of Bangkok, you can visit our booth when we hosted one. Please check out our social media channel to keep up with our schedule.

Why are your jewelries cheaper than other stores?

Since we are the manufacturer our self, we cut out the middle man that would mark up our product prices. Also, since we only sell online, we cut out the cost of space renting and other store management costs which would affect our cost of product. Lastly, we only make jewelry when you order it. So we don't have to hold inventory on any design to make our cost of money goes up. That is why our prices are cheaper than other general jewelry stores.

Where is your jewelry made?

All of our jewelries are made in Thailand.

Where your gemstones come from?

Gemstones are varies in their origins. Most of our Ruby is from Myanmar and our yellow sapphire is from northern Thailand. However there are different lot of gemstones in our stocks, and it varies from our gems suppliers. So we can’t really tell where each of them comes from. However you can rest assure that along our time that we buy in gemstones, we check each and every millimeter of them to make sure they are at the top quality. With our buyer expertise over 30 years, we are here to guarantee that your genuine gemstones are genuine.

Do you have a warranty on your jewelry?

Yes, we have a one-year warranty on the workmanship of all our jewelry in addition to our 30 day satisfaction guarantee return policy. The warranty covers quality of our workmanship. If you damage a piece, we'll be happy to repair it for you for a reasonable fee. The warranty is void if another jeweler resizes or modifies the piece.

Does MMG have a catalog?

We don't currently have a print catalog.

Do you offer discounts?

We occasionally send our subscribers special offers and coupons in return for their opinions on new collections.

Do you match prices if an item I purchased goes down in price later?

All sales prices are final and MMG does not price match. All our pricing is calculated using current precious metal and gem prices to give you the best possible value. These prices do change from time to time and our prices do too.


How much is shipping?

MMG offers free shipping to Thai address. For shipping to countries other than Thailand, please contact

What do I do if I want to return my jewelry?

We offer 30 day money back return policy. Just send your jewelry back in its original unworn condition for a full refund - it's that simple. All you pay is the return shipping. Each returned piece must have its original tag attached, so leave the tag on until you are sure you love it.


Can I commission a custom design?

At the current time, our order volume is too high to accept commissions for from-scratch custom designs. But we do have a huge selection of jewelry available. If you can find something similar that you need to alter in a minor way, we'd be happy to do it. Give MMG Customer Care a call at 087-760-5115. Some special order pieces are nonreturnable but we'll let you know if that's the case before going ahead with your order.

Can I order a ring in a size that isn't offered on the site?

Yes. There may be an additional charge depending on the size and the precious metal. Some special order pieces are nonreturnable but we'll let you know before completing your order.

Will your silver tarnish?

Yes. All silver eventually does tarnish. How long it will take depends on the chemistry of your skin and whether you live near the ocean. Fortunately people have been wearing silver for thousands of years and there are lots of great silver polishes available for the day when your silver does need some polishing.

Can I have my jewelry engraved?

Yes. If you would like to engrave the inside of a ring, call MMG Customer Care at 087-760-5115

Can I buy a ring without the stones?

We sell finished jewelry only: we don't sell mountings or loose gemstones separately.


What quality are your gemstones?

Our AAA quality gems are very well cut, with lively brilliance and very good polish. MMG selects premium medium-toned gems in each variety so that they complement each other in styles with multiple gems. Most gemstones we sell are eye-clean, which means there are no visible inclusions.

Will you set my gemstone?

We're sorry but setting gemstones is a risky business and we'd rather not assume the risk of breaking or damaging your gem.


What happens if the ring I bought doesn’t fit?

MMG offers one free resizing within 30 days of purchase. All you have to pay is the shipping.

What if there is a problem with my jewelry?

MMG offers a free one-year warranty on every purchase. If there are any problems with the quality of the workmanship of your piece we'll repair it free of charge and pay the shipping too. If you damage a piece, we'll repair it for you for a very reasonable fee plus shipping.

Can I take a ring to my local jewelry to have it resized?

Of course, but we don't recommend it. We can't accept returns of items that have been modified by someone else. Having someone else work on a piece also voids the warranty, because these kinds of modifications, when done incorrectly, can damage the gems or the strength of the setting.