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Amethyst has natural properties of cleansing. It reduces stress, providing relaxation and cures melancholy feelings. It cleanses your mind and helps you wash away your negative thoughts, promoting you to call for good decisions. It is the birthstone of February!

A beautiful hue of purple that is moderate to the point of being transparent, the amethyst will remind you of a deep hue of lavender. It is the gemstone for 6th anniversary of your wedding and the birthstone for month of February! It is often paired with purple quartz gem and looks great with your dresses that lay on the spectrum of pink to purple!

Every gemstone has some mysterious properties that are discovered when used for multiple purposes. A gemstone, Amethyst, also has some magnificent and mysterious properties; it is considered as a remedy for several ailments. It also used as a gemstone that helps in magnifying beauty. Chinese prescribe Amethyst for treatment of bad dreams and stomach aches. All diseases related to lungs are cured using this purple shine gemstone. Amethyst has natural properties of cleansing and detoxifying body. People, who suffer from short term memory, are helped by use of personalize Amethyst. You can wear it in form of customize earrings, rings or bracelets. The mysterious properties of this gemstone reduce stress, provide relaxation, and treat insomnia and cures melancholy feelings. It is the best tonic for anxiety, headaches, depression, concussions and mental illness.

Thousands of years ago and probably up till now, people keep Amethyst beneath the pillow. It can do so to drive off nightmares and insomnia. It produces peaceful sleep, heals all pains and ensures no side effects. A person, who is short tempered, is advised to wear Amethyst. Travelers wear this gemstone o protect have protection from sickness, danger, harm and thieves. It gives strength, courage and power to travelers. Hence the mysterious properties associated with this stone are still believed.


Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is the stone wisdom. Having a deep calming effect, the blue color of blue sapphire is like the night when there is a full moon. Blue represents the calmness and helps maintain a cool mind and helps us stay unbiased when solving an issue. It helps you reach to the depth of people’s problems and intentions, helping you reach the exact solution and conclusion. This is the birthstone of September!

The blue sapphire stands somewhere between a stunning dark indigo and blue that is on the verge of purple identity! Having a deep calming effect, the blue color of blue sapphire is like the night when there is a full moon. September, May and August are the months with blue sapphire as their birthstone and it marks the 5th and 45th anniversaries’ gemstone! Pair it up with white or blue topaz or tourmaline to get a beautiful combination that will look great with dresses with neutral to blue tones.

For the last so many centuries, blue sapphire is perceived as a symbol of heaven. It guards innocence, promotes good health, bestows truth and preserves chastity. The wearers of blue sapphire believe that this gemstone brings gifts of prosperity, inner peace, fulfillment, beauty and joy. Some also believe that it wards off sickness and illness.

For a very long time it was believed that blue sapphire can cure ailments naturally. It was perceived as a medicine for all purpose. Royal people stated that it strengthens muscles, heart and endows with courage. In Orient, people used to wear blue dresses and personalize blue sapphire on Saturday. Basically the color blue indicates generous thinking and wisdom. The most important mysterious power associated with blue sapphire is that it provides protection from sorcery.

People, who love wearing blue sapphire, also think that it banishes all evil spirits and guards off snakes and other poisonous creatures. Now the trends have changed, obviously unlike old times there are hardly any poisonous creatures around people. In modern world, it perceive poisonous creatures as negative thoughts, bad intentions of other people and less hope. It can try reversing bad situation through customize blue sapphire.



Citrine is the symbol of prosperity. It is sometimes called the "Success Stone." It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas, enhancing one’s virtue and instinct. This is why it is particularly used to promote success in business. Citrine represents the 13 years of marriage and is the birthstone for the month of November. Adding warmth to your clothes, citrine will do wonders when joined with turquoise or Peridot to get the most beautiful combination of gemstones ever. This is the birthstone of November!

Ranging from the light shades of yellow to tasty shades of gold and moving on to orange and red shades, the yellow just as sweet as a ripe mango is what brings deliciousness and beauty to the gemstone. Citrine represents the 13 years of marriage and is the birthstone for the month of November. Adding warmth to your clothes, citrine will do wonders when joined with turquoise or Peridot to get the most beautiful combination of gemstones ever.

Citrine is a beautiful orange yellow stone. It is often chosen for gold jewelry as it makes up a perfect jewel item and it is one of the easily affordable gems as will. This shiny orange yellow gemstone has some positive and strong magical powers. It is known for curing illness and bringing physical self and health. This is absolutely true that citrine was prescribed hundreds of years ago for curing diseases related to circulatory system, kidney, urinary system and pancreas. It gives invigoration and energy; also it improves the digestive system of the person wearing it.

When this gemstone is soaked in water, it renders elixir, which helps in treating toxins of body. This indirectly cures constipation. Women earn benefit from personalize citrine because it aids in balancing menstrual cycles and hormonal changes.

In brief, customize Citrine is mostly associated with providing value in spiritual and physical health. It works as a mysterious regenerator and cleanser. Basically it has the power of Sun and therefore it is advised to be worn for overcoming depression, phobias and fears. Surprisingly this gemstone bought with convenience and gives the strength to accept negative feedback and criticism. It helps the person to keep oneself in control and to balance anger and feelings.


Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is the stone for negotiation and human relations, attracting money and success in business. It helps you with advancement in career and status. It also encourages patience and openness, as well as sincere interest in fellow human beings. This is also the good fortune color for those who born in May!

Tourmaline is one of gems found in two colors such as green and pink. Both have varying properties. Green Tourmaline has some mysterious properties. It represents humanitarianism and promotes sympathy. As a whole Green tourmaline is associated with expression of feelings for mankind with good health of oneself. When people get injured or if suffering through some serious pain, it is advised to wear personalize green tourmaline. This gemstone gently disperses disruptive feelings and emotional pain. It radiates love and emotions with convenience. The mysterious powers of this gemstone mostly comprise of spiritual satisfaction and paying attention towards positivity of anything or anyone. Flexible thoughts and feelings are will promoted by wearing this customize stone.

Another name for green tourmaline is “receptive stone”. It simply means calming, soothing, magnetic and inward. For promoting spirituality and mediation, green tourmaline is an ideal gemstone. It helps in reconciliation, fosters cool headedness and compassion. It slowly radiates such energy that heals all negativity, attracts money and friendship. It creates strong commitment towards goals and protects from so many dangers. If someone feels lagging behind in his or her field or work and wants to work diligently then personalize green tourmaline gemstone should be worn.


London Blue Topaz

London blue topaz is a symbol of brightness and creativity. The beauty of the gem is like the night color in London. It truly is magnetic and looks perfect on cool tone clothes. Not only encouraging new ideas, but it also helps you reach creative resolution for your problems. It gives the strength to assess creativity and enriched the eye for beauty. This is the birthstone of December!

Beautiful like the sky of London a rainy day, this color will remind you of all the beautiful summers you have spent in London! Lively and enchanting, the London blue topaz is the color of beauty. It marks the 4th anniversary of wedding and is the birthstone for the month of December. Although this is the most beautiful gemstone that looks great with every other gem, but pair it up with citrine or white sapphire and it will give the most beautiful glow!

Blue stones are very pleasing, cool and attractive and London Blue Topaz is one of them as well as one of the affordable gems. It is widely worn in rings, earrings and pendants as a customize gemstone. London Blue Topaz is loved for its color as well as admired for its mysterious powers. There are countless attributes associated with this gemstone. Mostly prominently this gemstone aids in physical health. It improves regulation of blood and heartbeat. Another surprising attribute of this stone is improving weak eyesight. Men and women, who get weak eyesight at a certain age, start wearing London Blue Topaz and naturally the eyesight improves. To ease discomfort, inflammation and infections, this stone is very ideal.

Creative people such as artists wear this stone. It gives the strength to assess creativity and increases beauty appreciation skills. It get enriched with the capacity of viewing minute details and large picture at the same time. The mysterious powers are radiated naturally and change the aspects and situations of the person wearing it. It brings motivation, positivity and reduces tension and stress. In order to move towards productive life and fulfillment, one should wear personalize London Blue Topaz with convenience. It naturally brings loyalty, health, brightness, knowledge, wisdom and love in our life.


Lemon Quartz

Yellow as a color energy signifies creativity, organization, optimism and well-being. The nature color of lime is the symbol for energy and spice of life. It’s clear and bright outlook helps cheer you up from the bad day.

The gemstone Quartz is found in two colors such as Lemon Quartz and Smoky Quartz. Both have varying mysterious properties. However personalize Lemon Quartz is more popular and possesses some natural attributes that benefit the person wearing the stone. Just like other gemstones, this stone is also associated with health and spiritual beliefs. It is ideal for treating illness and exhibits some radiations that effects bad health. This gemstone is effective for health issues related to pancreas, hips, legs and abdomen. Slowly and gradually it relieves pains such as headaches; relieves muscles, nervous system and reproductive system. This gemstone helps in dissolving cramps and assimilates minerals in the human body.

This stone when placed under pillow releases natural radiations that offer impulses in form of spiritual language. This customize gemstone ensures longer and peaceful sleep. All kind of aches such as headaches and toothaches are treated with medicine as well as by wearing lemon quartz.

This gemstone is preserved for treating unconsciousness, gives string healing power, strength to neutralize and understand one. It brings success; leading businessmen wear lemon quartz. It think that mysterious powers of this gemstone open doors of opportunities for us and the business.



Onyx is a protection stone. It prevents the bad intention of your enemy and protects you from misfortune. It is like a charm to protect you when you are out for a journey or confrontation, expelling any malice from your surrounding.

Dark as the skies and the hair of an Italian ballerina, onyx is gemstones that will make your silver jewelry knock out everything else in the room! February and December are the month having onyx as their birthstone and it marks the 7th wedding anniversary! Onyx will complement any gemstone quite gracefully and will go with all the beautiful dresses in your wardrobe!

Onyx is a black colored gemstone widely known for its string mysterious powers. These powers are automatically transferred in the person wearing this stone. This gemstone has unimaginable powers including controlling one from increasing sexual desires, provides defense from magic and protect for all evil spirits. The unusual attributes of this stone tell that it helps one in connecting to dead people. There are some misconceptions that personalize Onyx reverses the belief that there is no death. Therefore it emphasizes that people who have died in this world will actually meet us later on. It is mostly worn by people who are involved in magic, casting spells and preaching illusion.

On the other hand, some authors tell that this gemstone is also perceived as an ideal stone for bringing success in future. It increases self-control, vigor, stamina and strength. Similarly it alleviates nervousness, tension and worries. It is widely utilized in medical applications including treatment of foot, teeth, blood as well as certain bone problems. Damaged cells can be cured by wearing this gemstone in ring or bracelets. Affordable gemstones do have some mysterious powers and Onyx has many too. These properties can only be explored once worn by a person.



Peridot is a stone of luck. It has a friendly energy and is excellent for healing. It helps increase your chance of betting and reduce the risks you take, opening up for abundance and prosperity. This is the birthstone of August!

The smell of freshly mowed grass may not be something that these gems can remind you of, but heir beautiful green color can definitely do the charm. Peridot’s color has a calming effect and will look great with the clothes that have a cool color scheme. Perfect for 16th anniversary and the birthstone for the month of August. Lolite makes great combination with the Peridot but if you really want to stun someone out, wear pure Peridot with a black dress and watch the heads turn!

Peridot is an uncommon gemstone, available in yellowish green colors. This stone is shiny and known for direct treatment of body parts such as thymus, lungs, heart and spleen. This gemstone has many mysterious powers and some of them include treatment of physiological afflictions and counterattack to negative emotions. Looking at the health related attributes of Peridot, it is found that it treats problems related to gall bladder, kidneys, stomach and bladder. Peridot heals ulcers, strengthens metabolism, and regenerates tissues and benefits human skin. It has a natural tonic effect. Any kind of physical and emotional pain can be best treated by wearing Peridot. Depression and lethargy vanishes when one starts wearing Peridot. Emotional burdens such as obsessions and guilt become clear with time. The yellow and green shine of Peridot ensures self-satisfaction and clarity.

A very important attribute of this personalize gemstone is that it strongly helps the person to detach himself from past. It gradually gives the strength of moving on and looking towards brighter side of soothing or someone. This is all a part of mysterious powers of the gemstone. Peridot is an ideal gemstone for sharpening mind and increasing energy levels for guidance.


Madeira Citrine

Citrine is the symbol of prosperity. It is sometimes called the "Success Stone." It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas, enhancing one’s virtue and instinct. This is why it is particularly used to promote success in business. This is the birthstone of November!

Madeira citrine reminds you of those beautiful pomegranate seeds look so beautiful and juicy. With their lush red color and beautiful hue, this is the gemstone that will make your red, brown and all colors on the same spectrum look great! It is the birthstone for the month of November and marks the 13th wedding anniversary! Pair it with gemstones of lighter or neutral colors and have a combination of knock out jewelry that will complement the bright party dresses!

Citrine is a popular gemstone. It has so many shades and darker orange colors of Citrine are called as Madeira Citrine. It has some mysterious powers as well including protection against evil and ensuring success. Hundreds of years back, people used to wear Madeira Citrine for protection from evil creatures such as snakes. When anyone used to go on a journey, he used to wear this gemstone or keep it in his bag. Another point of view is that this gemstone brings success and opens doors of opportunities. Long time ago, people used to keep this stone in the cash drawers and journals because it brings more money and revenue. This was believed blindly and business men used to wear this gemstone.

Also now, so many business men wear Madeira Citrine because they own huge businesses that they believe are flourishing due to mysterious powers granted by the Madeira Citrine gemstone. The person wearing this gemstone feels confident, blessed with strong powers and self-assurance. It builds self-esteem and gives the authority to take decisions depending on one’s capabilities. The mysterious powers of personalize Madeira Citrine are immensely believed by so many people.


Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

White is the color of purity and cleanliness. The perfect brilliance and refraction of the gem shine bright to bring all attention to the wearer. The usual cubic Zirconia are beautiful colorless stones which may be given shades of yellows, red, pinks and purples later but initially they are white and pure! Cubic Zirconia represents the months of October and December and 5th anniversary of your marriage! Their colorlessness allows them to merge with any other colored gemstone so experiment with the most bold colored gemstones and give the light dresses a chance to make an impact!

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a scientifically made gemstone. It has cool colors and associated with so many factors. The surprising factors associated with this gemstone, which can be purchased with convenience include hardness, dispersion, gravity, flaws, refractive index and etc. These factors make it unique from other affordable gemstones such as diamond. Both have significant differences in the value of these scientific factors. The dispersion of Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is 0.060. Any untrained eye can easily see this gemstone. The hardness of Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is 8. It is far lesser than the diamond. The specific gravity of this gemstone is 1.7 and it is a heavy stone when compared to other stones. Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is completely flawless. It has a refractive index of 2.176.

This gemstone is made colorless but is not an efficient thermal insulator. It can be produced in light yellow shades but can also be produced in colorless form. Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is widely popular because of its shine and cuts. It cannot match the quality of natural gemstones yet it is a part of gemstones used in jewelry making. This customize gemstone is available in various cuts and shapes and polished according to needs of the buyer.


Pink Tourmaline

Relaxing and nurturing, pink tourmaline is associated with feminine energies. It has the potential to heal emotional wounds with its soft, soothing energy to bring feelings of comfort and safety. It is best used to as gift for your loved one for the symbolic mean of caring. This is the birthstone of October!

Ever seen pink rose? If not then the pink of the pink tourmaline is a good equivalent of the color those petals spread to the nature! Make the 8th anniversary of your love special as it represents the said years of marriage and is the birthstone for the month of October. Pink tourmaline makes a beautiful combination with Smokey quartz and will look great on dresses that are on the spectrum of red to violet!

Pink tourmaline might be called pink but it has a range of color that varies from pink to deep red. But since it is most popular in pink color that’s why it is popular by the name of pink tourmaline. This is the stone which is gentle and near and dear to the heart. Like the color pink, the pink tourmaline is a representative of feminism and power of female energies. It possesses the energy to soothe down a quivering heart and provide comfort and feeling of safety to a damsel in distress. It is indeed a girl’s best friend.

Pink tourmaline has a very important place in the lives of people who happen to suffer from depression and anxieties. When it is combines with black tourmaline, it helps to deal with obsessive disorders and helps to calm down. This is a stone which will open the gates of our heart for love and will help it emotionally by keeping it happy. It is the best gem to be given to people who are born under the zodiac of Libra. It can give one to our sweetheart so she is never upset or sad.


Red Garnet

Red garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing. It helps regenerate the poor relationship and love problems. It is said to stabilize the owner, bringing order to chaos whether internal or external. It is the birthstone of January!

Beautiful like the red rose, the dark shade of red in the red garnet nestled in a light colored metal will fade the bling of every other jewelry in the circle. Looking great with dark colored outfits, red garnet is the birthstone for month of January and is the perfect gift for your 2nd anniversary. They make great combinations with black onyx, diamonds, and citrine and light blue aquamarine gemstones.

Red garnets are most commonly worn by people with a feverish for dark red. But it ranges from dark red to a brownish red and all kinds possess a glossy glow which makes it hard to be missed. Usually found in India, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa and Austria, this gem is among the most popular choices among ladies of both sides of the world. The first thing that comes to mind when it think of red garnet is the emotion of love as the red color is the color of love. But this stone also represents the pure passion and desire that comes with true love and permanence.

The red garnet is a stone which will helps to restore the passion that it have lost in our life. It does not have to be purely sexual; it can be the passion for anything. It is also a very helpful stone for us if it have trouble taking action on the decision that it make. It helps in accepting the way our life is and making it worthy and progressive.

Red garnets are the special affordable gemstones for people born under the influence of Aquarius zodiac. It also makes an absolutely wonderful gift for our second anniversary.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz's pink color makes it a stone dedicated to love that is unconditional and pure. It represents harmony, soothing anyone’s heart to open for forgiveness. It promotes the owner to be loved by everyone around them and adored by their seniors.

One may think that this is a deep red gemstone but quite ironically, it is quartz that carries the color of a pink flower wet with dew! The lightest shade of pink, aka, the baby pink color is a beautiful shade to go with all the clothes that lie on the range of red to purple! January is the month of rose quartz but it is one of the two unique gemstones that can represent the entire calendar! It also is the gemstone for 2nd anniversary. When paired with onyx and light colored dresses, they make a dangerously beautiful combination!

Rose quartz is a member of quartz family which occurs in massive and translucent yet not too obvious crystal shapes. As the name suggests, the rose quartz occurs in a pale pink color but its value increases as the tone of its color deepens down. The deep pink color is equally valuable as the rose quartz but the light pink color represents the innocence and beauty which is pure in its existence.

Its pink color makes it a stone dedicated to love that is unconditional and pure. It softens our heart and evokes the emotions that make it fall in love. The love doesn’t have to be for our life partner only. The love for our family or for our religious preferences all can be energized with rose quartz. It enhances the love that already exists while in the absence of love, it creates love in the air.

This stone has the healing powers too. If it a broken heart, it will mend it in no time and will make us feel loved again. This stone is the birthstone of people who were born under Taurus zodiac and makes an exceptional 2nd anniversary gift for our loved one.



Ruby is the stone of love. It represents the most pure emotion of life, true and undying love. It promotes understanding and passion from your loved ones. Ruby will light the fire in your heart for a burning passion toward your desire. This is the birthstone of July.

The most famous gemstone in the world, the ruby is a red gemstone which makes everything looks ten times better. Ruby marks the 15th, 17th, 22nd and 40th anniversaries along with representing the month of July and December. Ruby has the ability to look stunning alone but when paired with diamond, or its equivalent white sapphire, it looks so beautiful that one can’t take his eyes of the jewelry!

Ruby is a precious stone named after ‘Ruberg’ which means Red in Latin. This is a very appropriate name for this stone as its bold red color represents the power to quicken anyone’s heartbeat. This stone also represents the virtues of valor and emotions. This stone is especially adored by powerful women with a knack for dramatic effects. But it is not as shallow; it represents the most pure emotion of life, true and undying love. That is why women from all over the world love to wear jewelry made out of customize and personalize rubies because only the ladies who know the importance of love.

The most important thing about ruby is the fierce and bold color. The most precious and admired rubies are the ones with no shades or overtones and only have pure and deep red in it. The clarity of the stone is also an important factor. The value of a clear ruby is unparalleled. Therefore affordable gemstones such as rubies are heated at a temperature of scorching 2000 degrees to enhance the color and the clarity of the stone. It should be kept in mind that the heating process does not damage the stone at all. Ruby is the birthstone for people whose zodiac is cancer and best stone for 15th and 40th anniversaries.


Sky Blue Topaz

Sky blue topaz is the stone of calmness. It reminds the images of the wind, sky, and water. Blue is the color of calm and quiet, it clears your mind and helps you stay sharp. It helps you channel relaxing energies and fight off chaos and prevent the swing in your emotions. This is the good fortune color for those who born in March! This is also the birthstone of December.

We all love the sandy haired men with light blue eyes! And these light blue eyes have the color same as the sky blue topaz. Just like a clear blue sky, this is a gemstone which is an infinite amount of beauty. Representing 4 years of marriage and the month of December, sky blue topaz is definitely something you have a right to brag about. Pair it with black sapphire and wear with dresses with shades of black and blue!

Blue topaz is the stone of the skies. It is a representation of righteousness and loyalty and since old ages it is believed to be the stone of protection from misfortune and torturous death. It has many mystical qualities like the other members of the topaz family. It helps the person to get rid of illusions and see things the way it are supposed to be seen. The clear and vivid color, blue represents the calmness and helps maintain a cool mind and helps us stay unbiased when solving an issue.

The religious mythologies and legends also have the sky blue quartz mentioned it is as a symbol of one of the twelve angels that guard the doors to the heaven. Sky Blue Topaz is therefore one of the affordable gems found with convenience. Topaz was also said to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink.

It is also a linked with the purity of love and relationships. Sky blue topaz is linked with trust ad communication in relationships to keep them stable. There are many colors that fall under the category of sky blue topaz that range from light blue to a blue that resembles robin egg blue. It is a stone especially beneficial for people born in December or under the zodiac of Sagittarius. It is also the gemstone of 4th anniversary!


Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz is the stone of good fortune. It cleanses and clears negative energy. It promotes personal pride and self-confidence. It opens the path for perception and learning, bring luck to your side.  It helps relieve sickness and complication in your mind and body.

Ranging between shades of dark brown to black, the smoky quartz has a charming effect! It looks good with dark colors and goes great with evening gowns! November is the month of this gemstone and it marks the 70 years of love and togetherness. Due to the dark color, this gemstone makes great pair with light colored gems especially citrine and rose quartz.

This is a gem which is found in abundance in Brazil, USA, Australia and China among many other places of the world. This is the reason such affordable gemstones are most widely used. Smoky Quartz has most gorgeous shades and are very affordable plus it look great in jewelry. It is a gemstone which is associated with protection of the person wearing it and provides balance in the body.

It is important that when it purchases smoky quartz, it is not treated with heat as the heat deprives it of its charm and qualities. Select the natural stone by making sure that it is translucent and light. Even the deeper tones of the smoky quartz have the same qualities in the smoky quartz. The irradiation process makes the color appear as a unique combination of various shades of brown; from very light to very deep. There are retiles present in the deep parts of smoky quartz which are golden streams like and are called angel hairs.

This gemstone is associated with healing powers and clarity of mind. Smoky quartz is a birthstone for the people born under the zodiac of Capricorn. It is also a beautiful tone to be gifted on the anniversaries.



Tanzanite is called a stone of magic that heals your spirit. It is also called the "workaholic's stone" because it helps you slow down and take it easy. This in turn, brings success in more areas of life. It relieves stress and depression, and enhances harmony. This is the birthstone of December!

The say the value of ink is more than that of blood and with one look at this beautiful ink colored gemstone, you would never disagree! Tanzanite is the birthstone for the month of December and represents the 24th anniversary. Tanzanite makes great combination with citrine and blue sapphires! Wear tanzanite with your blue dresses and stand out in the crowd!

Tanzanite is a very rare and special gem. Tiffany and co. had the luck to discover it in the year 1969 and introduce it to the market and since then, the sales of this gem have never seen a low graph. This beautiful gem has a mesmerizing effect, where three different crystals of three different colors reflect the light from different directions playing the trick on mind and giving off a beautiful color. The tanzanite is found to reflect shades of blue, purple and gray and the final shades of the stone changes with the angle of light refracting through the gem.

This gem is very rare as it is found in only one place in the entire earth. As the name suggests, the home of tanzanite is Tanzania. And not the entire Tanzania, just a five square mile area called Meralani. Therefore it can guess how precious and unique this gem is. This gem can best complement our dresses with hues of blue, green, purple and gray but it can also be worn as a customize gemstone with deep earth tones. It makes an absolutely wonderful gift for 24th anniversary and for the people born in December.


White Quartz

White quartz is the stone for memories, bringing in clarity. It helps aiding concentration and memory retention, filtering out your distractions. It heals your bad memories and disappointments, helping you have better rest at night and good dreams. This also the good fortune color for those who born in June!

Pure like the true emotion of love, white quartz is a neutral colored gem that will look great with almost everything! Quartz is the birthstone for the month of April and represents the 2nd anniversary of your love! The beauty of white quartz is that it will complement any color! Wear it in combination with the prime color of the dress and have the time of your life!

White quartz is a very important gemstone when it comes to magic and healing as it possesses both powers. Due to its beautiful and elegant color, it is also called as Frozen light or the Ice of Eternity. It is found with convenience in many shapes and forms from being crystal clear to translucent. This stone belongs to the family of quartz and has the unique masculinity to it making it a very suitable stone for men to wear and use. The white quartz is also a good stone for women. The most preferred form of white quartz is the milky white or translucent quartz. This type of quartz id called snow quartz as it is as beautiful as snow white.

This gem is very versatile. It can receive, activate, transmit, amplify and store energy and helps a great deal with meditation. It helps in amplifying the qualities of other gems and helps clarifying auras; thus found almost on the tables of all tarot cards readers. It also helps in focusing and concentrating our all energy at one point that will intensify our thoughts and brain function. Lovers of White Quartz get it personalize and it are the birthstone of people born in the month of April.


White Sapphire

White Sapphire is the stone of focus, bringing in wisdom and mental strength. It carries pure energy for clarity of thought and opening the powers of the mind for learning and better communication. It helps balance your mind and body, helping you stays focus.

A beautiful and stunning neutral colored gem, the white sapphire is the most famous substitute for diamond! White sapphire is the birthstone for the month of April and makes the 10th and 60th anniversaries special! Just like diamond, it looks great with everything but if you want, make a bold statement by combining it with ruby and tanzanite and give them something to look at!

It say diamonds are a girl’s best friends but when the times are getting expensive, white sapphire have replaced diamonds in not only jewelry but also as the best friends of girls. Diamond jewelry is often too expensive and out of range for many people and that is when white sapphire comes in the picture to save the day. White sapphires are very durable and the only things harder than these affordable gemstones are the diamonds. It is associated with finding hidden powers within ourselves and therefore is a great stone to be worn in order to find our hidden talent.

This is the gemstone which is an epitome of perfection. It has all properties which include magical properties, healing properties, scientific properties and mystical properties. The white sapphires are not very commonly found in big sizes. These affordable gemstones are tough to be found in that ratio. The pure white sapphires are rare. This gemstone is colorless and very hard. Many traders often sell sapphires with hints of other colors as white sapphires. White sapphires are dedicated to be the birthstones of people born in the month of September.


Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire brings the wisdom of prosperity, not only by attracting wealth and financial abundance into one’s life, but in its ability to manifest one’s creative energy into form through action. Yellow Sapphire refreshes your mind, helping formulate ideas and goals. 

Like a glazing sun, the brightness and bling of a yellow sapphire is enchanting and blinding! Yellow sapphire is the gemstone for the month of September but can make a great replacement as the birthstone the month of November! It great present for the 5th, 7th and 45th anniversaries! Pair them up with white gems and stones to have the most beautiful and elegant combination that goes with all the light colored dresses in your wardrobe!

Sapphires are called as wisdom stones and have own range of wisdom and advantages. As a collection these affordable gemstones have powers beyond anything but as individuals yellow sapphires are still very precious and beneficial. The yellow sapphire is a gem which will protect us from unwanted thoughts and confusion. It clarifies our spiritual aura and releases us from mental depression and tension. It has a balancing effect on the body and aligns the three planes of the body which comprises of physical, spiritual and mental planes. This leaves positive effects on mind and creates serenity. Yellow sapphire is also associated to bringing joy and peace to life thus creating prosperous surrounding all over.

Personalize yellow sapphire also has many medical advantages too. It helps curing the blood disorders and keeps the body systems in balance by regulating the glands of the body. It also has very positive effects on the mind and improves the wisdom and overall focus of the mind. It is also a very helpful stone to deal with problems of gallbladder and spleen.

The yellow sapphires are the birthstones for people who are born in the month of November and make absolutely wonderful anniversary gifts for our fifth and fiftieth anniversaries.