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Colors of life 

We believe that life is like a canvas with many colors. In life, there are many different sides that is just like the many different colors. As we walked through our path of lives, we crossed both good and bad memories and we keep walking. Even on each of our days, there are different emotions, sometime happy, sometime sad. You yourself can be many different person  We have the ups and downs of our lives. But because of that swing of life it makes your life’s canvas a very gorgeous and extraordinary story to look at.

Make My Gems was founded from that principle. We believe that everyone is different, each one of us have journeyed different path of life. With that principle in mind, we created make my gems, strongly believing that each jewelry needs to be made just for each different person.

Because COLORS are LIFE itself. All the creations in this world have their own colors. Sky is blue, roses are red, Grasses are green and so on. There are so many stories, so many meaning, inside each colors. We want you to be able to pick your own combination of what to put on the jewelry, on your fingers, on your ear. Here is where you can create your own personal jewelry that reflects your identity and characteristic. Your life is like a canvas with colors of your life. You are the creator, you are the artist, you can decide what colors you got in your life, what colors should you go on with your jewelry. Make My Gems’ Jewelry are truly unique. Even when starting off with the same set of design you can customized your way to a completely different piece from others. It is the meaning, the story of yourself, inscribed inside the gemstones.

The gemstones are like the representative of colors of your life.You might have been restrained to the same typical jewelry, forced out in the market to serve the masses by many suppliers. But at Make My Gems, it is boundless, we created the playground for you to truly be free, be artistic, be what you want to be! Just like life. You can start your customization easily from the template we have and just continue to pick your choices from the options we have on each steps. You can combine the right colors, the right meaning of the gems, the designs and the engraving words to make sure you jewelry is truly yours. We want you to love your piece from the first moment to the end. A piece that is meaningful especially for you. Even though every products has its own story, but this will be the product that lives your story. You are the one that created this piece to the world, we are merely the ones who fulfill your order to made it came true. just like your close friend that goes with you to all places. You can make this jewelry to be the best way to tell your stories.

Let this be the glitter of life, a sparkle that shine through the dark times, the piece of your good memories in your hand. Every time you look inside these enchanting gems, they still shine brightly no matter the situation. It is a little personal space for you to feel joy, to see the glitters of life, to see hope. If you are bounded in other people’s rules there is no real happiness. Now you can look down to your finger, inside those gemstones are the real you. Chin up and cheer up your life!.

 Our story 

Jewelry is truly a source of happiness and joy for their beauty and value. It’s also representative of something special or a memorable occasion. Every piece is filled with stories. Most of the time, people would add a personal touch to each piece of jewelry so that whoever we give or ourselves could see it as a memorabilia  However, it is quite a hassle to really get one of a good deal. There are several common problems.

One that is hard to avoid when trying to buy a piece of jewelry is finding the right store that sells you exactly what you want.  There aren’t many personalization options of jewelry for you conveniently, unless you go to a jeweler. But the problem does not stop there. Their products might not really be personalized as what you think. They have stocked their products for some time in large amount and they would like to push out some product above one another. So actually when you go in to a jeweler, rather than obtaining the piece that matches your need and imagination, you would end up being pushed to get an item that is at the best interest of the jeweler. On top of that, the particular gemstones prices are unpredictable. The jewelry market is not one for the amateurs. Gem scams are very common. Thus due to the lack of knowledge, most customers are charged overpriced or received undervalued jewelry.

I have been through that problems by myself. That’s why I wanted to make this complicated thing called “jewelry” a lot more friendly for everyone. Putting together my expertise of Just-In-Time logistics with my partner who owns jewelry factory and stores, we created this Make My Gems, a one-stop destination for all jewelry needs, a place where you can create any type of jewelry you wish.

Make My Gems is passionate about solving these problems, pushing to revolutionize the market to free people from constraints on products offering. We feel that this is the new era, where being part of the buyer should get what they really want. It is all about individuality, where different personalities and characters make us all different. We don’t believe that buying such an item requires a lot of efforts anymore. We developed our business on the belief of simplicity and that everyone should easily get whatever they want. We are dedicated to simplify the buying process, making sure you can go through an easy procedure and receive a quality item. We aim to make people from all walks to have accessibility to this thing called ‘jewelry’. We want to make your shopping experience a remarkable one.

We have strong intentions to make this process easier. Our goal is to help you find your perfect piece. We put our heads together to come out with the truly simple steps that every one can understand. We tested our interface several times to reach perfection. Make My Gems provides an easy and enjoyable way for you to personalize your jewelry, saving you a lot of time and effort while bringing what you want to your hands. Here, you will find high quality gems certified by the most respected gems suppliers. You can create your own piece of jewelry — choose the gemstone that you want and we will set it on your favorite design of ring or earrings. Every order comes with free delivery and a 30-day full refund policy, so you can be sure of choosing the right one. Everything is fair and transparent. We want to make everything easy for both the customers and jewelers and we believe that our service does just that. You tell us what you want, and we will make it happen. From now on, jewelry shopping should be easy and hassle-free.

We differentiates ourselves from other online jewelry stores by providing you unique “mass-customization” function.You will be able to give a personal touch to your product, whether it is for you or your special someone, by yourself. The 4 stream-line steps process are simple, choose your designs, choose your gemstones, choose your metals and engrave. After all you want to make the jewelry more meaningful and by designing it yourself you will be able to give it a unique meaning. We also create every single piece of jewelry one-at-a-time, just for you. We are confident that we can give you something you want that is guaranteed to look great on you. We aim to give you what you seek by leading you to the item that is perfectly yours!