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Here is where you can build your very own jewelry, out of your imagination. This is where you can design your own jewelry from scratch, draft out your ideas of what you have in mind or copy the model that you wanted. We will make the jewelry to your need and take on the job of making it comes true. We will do our best to follow your instructions and contact with you along the process in making this piece of jewelry, making sure that you will get the jewelry that is exactly what you wanted.

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Setting Material :

Gold 14k Gold 18k Silver

Plating type (0.2 micron) :

White Gold Yellow Gold Rose Gold

Gem Type/Color 1 :

Gem Type/Color 2 :

Gem Type/Color 3 :

Engraving Text :

Font Engraving :

Name :

Email :

Phone :

More Detail :

Size :